Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ime Udoka 20061215 Los Angeles Clippers

Ime Udoka is the feel-good story of the Blazer Nation this season. Check out some of his highlights in the game against LA Clippers.

Zach Randolph nice passes 20061215 Los Angeles Clippers

People know ZBo is a 20-10 machine. But to bring his game to the next level he has to learn how to make teammates better. This game could be a good example - he had 5 assists and many nice passes that end up with being fouled.

Sergio behind-the-back pass to LMA's dunk 20061215 LA Clippers

This dunk has been replayed for the whole season in all kinds of Blazers' highlights.
Hopefully we're going get used to it in the coming years.