Saturday, July 28, 2007

20070714 Josh McRoberts huge dunk!!!

showing off his athleticism!!

20070714 Josh McRoberts nice passes in Summer League!

uncanny passing ability and excellent court vision for his size! I am so looking forward to see Josh McRoberts playing next season!!!

20070714 Sergio alley oop to Webster!!

20070708 Greg Oden huge dunk II in Summer league

20070708 Greg Oden was panting...

look how hard he was panting. Maybe it's an evidence that he was really being bothered by the tonsil problem and could hardly catch the breath.

20070715 Joel Freeland alleyoop dunk!!

20070708 Greg Oden in the game

closer look at Greg Oden from my DV

20070714 Petteri Koponen nice passes

Has good talent but at least 1 or 2 years away from seeing him playing in Blazers uniform.

20070715 Petteri Koponen nice passes vs Sonics

20070715 Joel Freeland some jumpers & drives

20070714 Martell Webster nice play

Greg Oden signing autographs during summer league

from my DV

20070714 Petteri Koponen nice play

20070714 Petteri Koponen half court shot!!

20070714 Josh McRoberts dunk

20070708 Koponen pass to Aldridge