Saturday, April 21, 2007

Webster layup 20070418 Golden States Warriors

nice double clutch reverse layup.

Webster's funny dance in the huddle 20070418 Golden States Warriors

just before the tip off the whole team including some injured ones huddled together, Roy was telling other guys to have fun and Webster doing a little funny dancing in the middle. They were probably thinking it was the last time to huddle together this season and trying to have some fun over there. It's also fun for us to watch.

Sergio Rodriguez 20070418 Golden States Warriors

not a very outstanding game for him but you know, it's the last game this season and we are probably 6 months away to seeing him play again. So why not make a clip for this kid one last time this season? Here you go.

Player introductions 20070418 Golden State Warriors

I was at that game. If only I had known this special introduction I would have tried to sneak into the lower bowl seats just to have high 5s with players.....

Too bad I try to save some disk space so didn't record the first few minutes so some players are not in the clip.

Travis Outlaw made 18 free throws 20070416 Utah Jazz

Outlaw made 16 consecutive free throw attempts at one point and finished 18 of 20, equaling the franchise record (by Geoff Petrie and Kiki Vandeweghe) with 18 makes in a game. Here is the clip of all 18 free throws.